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Posted On: 3/18/2017

Love the apartment, but noisy

I love how convenient it is. I can get to work and home, with easy access to the highway. Gorgeous apartment and beautiful landscaping. The only thing that kills me is how noisy the neighbors can be. You can hear everything.
By: Anonymous   
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Posted On: 2/1/2017

Thank you Mr. Joshua

I was in town visiting my aunt when we discovered some pretty severe challenges needing immediate attention. I contacted the office staff, (which presented quite professional), who then told me that they would have Maintenance contact us and address our challenges post hast, and that is exactly what happened. I want to most of all express my respect and gratitude to Mr. Joshua (Maintenance) for his professionalism, attention to detail, safety and work ethics. I am a retired business owner within the construction industry and I really appreciated someone with the evident enthusiasm to go above and beyond for the clients. Thank you again for a SUPRUIOR job!!!
By: Mr. Miles   
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Posted On: 11/16/2016


This was my husband and I's dream apartment compared to others in the area. We wanted a safe place to raise our daughter, and so far we've gotten that. My only complaint is that when my husband gets off at night, there is hardly any parking in front of our building. Other than that, the staff is friendly and understanding, the environment is peaceful, and the apartment itself is beautiful!
By: Brandee   
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Hi Brandee, thanks for taking a moment to write a fantastic review of Sugar Pines! We're glad you are enjoying your stay and that we could provide your dream apartment. We'll certainly work to address any concerns you have. We look forward to your continued stay. Best regards, Emily

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